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    News — Pearl Harbor

    Elvis, Live!

    Elvis, Live!

    I had an awesome time signing my custom designed Elvis posters on January 12th at the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center.  January 10-15th is the “Aloha from Hawaii” 40th Anniversary Celebration.  This marks 40 years since Elvis Presley played his last concert here in Hawaii.  All kinds of Elvis-themed events are planned, culminating with a replaying of the original concert on the big screen at the Blaisdell Arena. Thanks to Pacific Historic Parks and The Elvis Foundation for an opportunity to create this commemorative poster!  I was blown away by some of the obscure Elvis trivia the fans knew.   Elvis fans here had ties to Graceland, Tupelo, and cities that Elvis toured when they were younger- A very exciting time for the them taking a once in a lifetime vacation to Hawaii.   My favorite shirt of day was a Hawaii-themed Elvis shirt that said “Mahalo. Mahalo very much.”

    Another fact you may not have known (I learned A LOT of Elvis facts, along with listening to hours of Elvis on Spotify) is that the king played his first concert in Hawaii in 1961 to benefit the USS Arizona Memorial. I was really impressed with everything he did to bring awareness and also raise funds for the memorial.

    Final print design:

    Elvis Presley, Nick Kuchar, Pearl Harbor, Commemorative Print